Bashaw & District Victim Services Unit

Our Contact Information:

Head Office:
Bashaw & District Victim Services
RCMP Detachment
5017- 52 Street

Bashaw, Alberta

T0B 0H0

Phone: (780) 372-3687

Our Victim Service Unit Offers:

  • Information about AB Victim programs
  • Court Orientation and Support during grief
  • Comfort and reassurance
  • Printed Resource Materials & Info
  • Privacy and Confidentiality


Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Bashaw & District Victim Services Society is to provide a highly skilled, compassionate level of service to any victim of crime or tragedy, through our dedicated and trained staff and volunteers.

Our Victim Service Unit is a policed based, non-profit, charitable society that works in partnership with the Bashaw, RCMP detachment to provide Support, Information and Referrals to persons in Bashaw and District during their time of crisis, trauma or tragedy whether it is as a victim of a crime, sudden death or crisis.




Goals Of The RCMP Victim Services Program:

  • Lessen the immediate impact of a crime on a victim. This can be done by alleviating stress on that victim by providing support, information, and referrals in time of crisis;
  • Help victims cope with the effects of crime by providing information on the following: their police file status, the court process and case disposition, Victim Impact Statements, police procedures, community resources, compensation application procedures (Restitution), and whatever else may be of help;
  • Focus on the prevention of further victimization through education of crime prevention techniques and provide encouragement to the victim;
  • To promote a positive liaison between the Police, the Court System and the Victim so that a better flow of information and support is created;
  • Provide ongoing public awareness through the promotion of existing programs;
  • To provide well trained volunteers who are able to maintain the integrity of and ensure confidentiality for all contacts with police, victims and the public at large.

"Supporting Victims of Crime and Tragedy"

Bashaw & District Victim Services Unit


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